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ITT-Tech - With over 80 ITT Technical Institutes located nationwide in over 30 states, ITT Techs are one of today's leading providers of technology education.


Wyotech - Wyotech emphasizes real-world training that is tailored to meet the needs of potential employers -- Auto Body, Aviation, HVAC, Auto Technician, Deisel, Plumbing.

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Resume Helper

This new section can help you transition from student to practitioner with a salary. You can also find internships as well. Also, read about career tips, interviewing and resume hints as well.

Create a powerful resume that highlights your strengths and positions you to the job you are looking for. After you have reviewed the hints below and checked out some sample resumes that we provided, you are ready to post your resume for all startups and small companies to view!

Key words are king. Meaning that your resume will be picked depending on which key words you include in your resume. Technology professionals know this well. When they learn a new software, they immediately add it to their resume (ex: Java, HTML, etc.). Advertising specialists would add key terms (ex: print, radio, graphics, etc.).

Choose your past job titles carefully. Again, this is where you will be scanned by your job title. Know what your industry job titles are. Don't get cute by creating a title yourself.

Job descriptions needs to be short and to the point. Don't get fancy or too wordy. Use as many action words as possible (ex: managed, planned, designed) and highlight what you (not your team or company) did to improve the company--in other words, some bullets of results.

S-P-E-L-L C-H-E-C-K ! Always, always use spell check. Enough said.

Items to NOT include: past salary, travel history, reasons for leaving last job, marital status, social security number, health status, citizenship, age, scholarships, irrelevant awards or associations.

More resume resources for you:

Sample Resumes
See for yourself and learn from other job candidates. Click here to view samples of: good resumes and some pretty ugly resumes.

Download examples of professionally written resumes of people in your field and copy their wording, content, and layout from Resumes123.

Cover Letter
Much more than an additional page attached to your resume, a cover letter serves as a first impression. Read more on how to improve your cover letter.