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Career Information: Auto, Motorcycle, Diesel Mechanic

Specialty Auto, Motorcyle, Diesel Mechanic / Technician & Auto Body Mechanic / Technician

Official Resource National Automotive Technicians Education Foundation --

Short Definition
Car Mechanics also known as Motor mechanics service, repair and overhaul the mechanical parts of motor vehicles such as the engine, the transmission (clutch, gear box and differential), and the suspension systems (springs, steering, brakes, wheels and tyres).

Expanded Information
Motor mechanics may perform the following tasks:

  • Discuss problems with car drivers or vehicle operators to discover faults, listen to engines, fit and operate special test equipment and test drive vehicles
  • Repair or replace worn and faulty parts by removing assemblies such as engines, transmissions, differentials or steering gear; dismantle them and check parts, referring to manuals as necessary
  • Reassemble, test, clean and adjust repaired or replaced parts or assemblies, use various instruments to make sure they are working properly and put them back into the vehicle
  • Tune engines using special electronic equipment and make fine adjustments, e.g. to carburettors for smoother running
  • Carry out minor body repairs and minor trim repairs diagnose, repair and replace engine management/fuel injection components
  • Inspect vehicles and issue roadworthiness certificates or list the work required before a certificate can be issued.

With the changes in automotive technology, there are now more electronic controls and computers fitted to vehicles. As a result, motor mechanics are becoming more specialised in their areas of work. Motor mechanics may specialise as Automotive Airconditioning Fitters, and Brake Mechanics. For more details, see separate entries for these occupations. They may also specialise as breakdown service patrol officers who give emergency mechanical assistance to members of an automobile association.

Motor mechanics may progress to positions such as service manager, service advisers, technical sales representative, technical officer or diagnostic specialist.