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ITT-Tech - With over 80 ITT Technical Institutes located nationwide in over 30 states, ITT Techs are one of today's leading providers of technology education.


Wyotech - Wyotech emphasizes real-world training that is tailored to meet the needs of potential employers -- Auto Body, Aviation, HVAC, Auto Technician, Deisel, Plumbing.

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Various locations – CA (Oakland, Sacramento, Fremont)--Laramie, WY-- Bedford, MA-- Blairsville, PA

USA Director: Maria T. Bohle DHM, DCN Here at WyoTech, we maintain a well-defined program philosophy:

  1. Provide quality education that emphasizes practical skills.
  2. Employ a highly skilled and dedicated faculty.
  3. Cater to students seeking a strong knowledge base and the experience needed to succeed in their chosen fields.

To provide students with the skills and training that will lead to successful employment, we strive to:

• Evaluate and update educational programs on a continual basis.

• Provide modern facilities and equipment.

• Help students realize their full potential through motivation and encouragement.

• Instill self-discipline and confidence so that students can succeed in all aspects of their lives.

Our programs emphasize real-world training that is tailored to meet the needs of potential employers. The fields of study focus on industries that offer solid, long-term career opportunities for graduates.

WyoTech maintains an active placement service to assist graduates in locating entry-level, educationally related career opportunities. The Career Services Office works directly with business, industry, and advisory board members to assist in each student's access to the marketplace and, as a by-product of this endeavor, assists employers in meeting their employment needs

"The knowledge and success I experienced at WyoTech allowed me to be accepted into the Mercedes Elite School. WyoTech's program is quick, intense, focused on the basic skills necessary to be successful in your field, and your done."

John Olsen, Mercedes-Benz Service Technician

2002 WyoTech Graduate

"The best thing about my career is that it has allowed me to see and visit all parts of the world, from the glaciers of Antarctica, to the beaches of Australia."

Wade Bailey, Raytheon Corporation, Antarctica

2001 WyoTech Graduate

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